About us

We are two American women living in the South of France making natural spirits from our adoptive home.

We have each dedicated our careers to our passion: food and drink. We each started our careers in the United States — Lana as a sommelière and Sunshine working for a cookbook publishing house — continuing to France where we met while each working as an export manager for French wine companies.

Our common love of the conviviality of wine and spirits, our passion for local products and traditions and our desire to express the beautiful and rustic landscape of the south of France led us to create La Thériaque Spiritueux.

Distilling spirits from natural wine allows us to keep one foot in the world of wine and to maintain our relationships with the winemakers with whom we have a kindred spirit. Any given day varies a lot from one to the next, we may visit a winemaker and taste her wines, go foraging for plants, distill the wine and plants in our Charantais style still to make the most terroir-driven spirits we possibly can, or travel around to shops, restaurants, bars and importers who share our philosophy of making natural, traditional spirits.