Our Gins

In choosing to work à l’ancienne, traditionally and artisanally, we have had to forego the official denomination “Gin”, as the EU requires a base alcohol with a startlingly high and antiseptic percentage of ethanol to be able to use that term, and others like it (Whisky, Vodka, Rum, etc).

It’s for this reason that we have chosen to repurpose the term Eau-de-Vie for most of our spirits, including those with a flavor profile rooted in local wild juniper (a gin in everything but name).

Pic-Pic is our traditional-style gin that shows the beauty of the wild juniper from the South of France. It is subtle and smooth and floral with great length. Arbouse, an indigenous fruit from this region, adds brightness and a familiar, yet distinctive, citrusy flavor. Pic-Pic is made for longdrinks and cocktails. It is delicious with artisanal tonic.

Download the technical sheet pdf

Garrigue Gin is our more complex gin made from native herbs, fruits and flowers of the garrigue, the craggy landscape, in the South of France. Aromatically very expressive and balanced, Garrigue Gin is meant to be a sipping gin — but cocktail mixers have fun playing with the many intoxicating aromas.

Download the technical sheet pdf